Jeff is a painter and illustrator who seeks to share his point of view from the world around him.  While the people, places and things that inspire Jeff to paint, are everyday themes, it’s an emotional and inevitably deeper connection to his muse which he aspires to capture in painting.  The waves crashing on a beach, the light hitting sunflowers, and the shadows in buildings or under a person’s eyes offer exciting subjects for distinct value, bold color, and painterly brushwork as aspired in his work. 

Jeff has practiced architecture professionally for over 20 years.  He has a B.S. from The Georgia Institute of Technology (Architecture) and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Maryland (UMD).  Jeff has been an adjunct design critic in the UMD School of Architecture for undergraduate and graduate design studios. Throughout his career in architecture, which has included design at all scales and the implementation of various building types, he has always maintained the craft of draftsmanship in his work – once called by a mentor an “architect’s architect”.  This penchant for illustration in the design process translates into Jeff’s paintings where a perspective, a detail, a form or shadow are drawn with presentational care.  That said, rather than realism, he strives to interpret his subject in exciting representational fashion through the painting medium itself. 

He is inspired by the impressionist painters Paul Cezanne, Mary Cassatt, Monet, Renoir, post-impressionist Van Gogh, American artists Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper.  He has studied with noted, award winning contemporary impressionist and plein air painters, including Hiu Lai Chong, Randy Sexton, Colin Page, Bernie Dellario, Peggi Kroll Roberts, and colorist Camille Przewodek.  These studies have most often been on location, painting en plein-air or at artist schools - venues on both coasts including The Scottsdale Artist School (Scottsdale, AZ), Plein-Air Liaison (Petaluma, CA), Chesapeake Fine Art Studio (Stevensville, MD),  Easton School (Easton, MD), or the Art League (Alexandria, VA).

Jeff’s paintings represent a personal journey of his life, his travels, and his passions.  Most of his work is painted from life, supporting his love of the outdoors and the realization of this dynamic world of light and color around us in two-dimensional fashion.  He hopes his audience enters into this story through their own eyes and are somehow brought to this ‘place’ and find in the work their own interpretation and inspiration.


Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.
— Paul Cezanne
Painting the NE Ohio autumn landscape  en plein-air , October 2016

Painting the NE Ohio autumn landscape en plein-air, October 2016

recognition & awards

  • 2017  3rd Place - 14th Annual OPAS Competition - judged by Dawn Whitelaw "BOATYARD MIKE", 8 x 13 gouache on illustration paper


  • 2017 Best of OPAS Juried Exhibit at CMOA (Columbus Museum of Art) - juried by Dawn Whitelaw (3 paintings)
  1. "CHASING LIGHT", 9 x 12 oil on canvas,
  2. "MAKE MOTELS GREAT AGAIN", 11 x 8 gouache on illustration board
  3. "VW with a View", 8 x10 gouache on illustration board
  • 2014 3rd Place - Easels in Frederick Quick Draw Competition - judged by Anne Blair Brown "CHURCH STREET", 11 x 14 gouache on illustration paper
"BOATYARD MIKE"  - Cleveland, OH 8 x 13 gouache

"BOATYARD MIKE" - Cleveland, OH 8 x 13 gouache

"CHASING LIGHT"  - Rural Maryland 9 x 12 oil

"CHASING LIGHT" - Rural Maryland 9 x 12 oil



I have had the good fortune in life to travel with family and friends (as a child and as an adult), on my own, and for work.  Some abroad, but particularly in the States.  I have always been in awe with the discovery of new horizons, near and distant mountains, inspiring architecture and interesting people.  My favorite place to visit?, the ocean!  Even better when the ocean and mountains come together as in California.  In the gallery for "Places I Love", there a number of paintings from this inspiring landscape. 

No doubt these travel opportunities have been of subject and influence in my work.  I hope that my art work might bring its own interpretation and new adventures to others, maybe even for those who don't have these same experiences and opportunities and yet also for those who want to have a remembrance of theirs!


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Sketch done while waiting for a connecting flight at CLT - Charlotte, NC

Sketch done while waiting for a connecting flight at CLT - Charlotte, NC

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.
— Gustav Flaubert
Please be a traveler; not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the ways to understanding the amazing world we live in.
— Andrew Zimmern
The only things I own which are still worth what they have cost me are my travel memories...
The mind-pictures of places which I have been hoarding like a happy mister.
— Burton Homes